Design Your Neighbourhood Project Success in Blakelaw

The Blakelaw ward councillors working with the 165 Estate Tenants and Residents Association successfully bid for a grant from The Design Council as part of the Design Your Neighbourhood projectDesign Your Neighbourhood matches community groups with local design organisations which provide expertise in architecture, planning and urban design. Working together they turn local ideas and aspirations for a better neighbourhood into action.

The design partner for the 165 Estate project is Northern Architecture; a Newcastle based organisation who have considerable experience working on this type of project.  The project is also supported by the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) who will work with the local ward councillors to secure the long term aims of the project beyond the design stage.

Blakelaw Labour Councillor David Stockdale says: “This project is a fantastic example of what can be achieved by devolving decisions to communities.  To give residents an opportunity to redesign their neighbourhood is an innovative approach to urban design and I hope it is the catalyst to other projects across the city”.

The Leader of the Council Nick Forbes visited the 165 Estate on a walkabout earlier this year with the Chief Executive of YHN.  YHN have been incredibly supportive of the project and are committed to working with the residents to see the plans develop into action.

Chair of the 165 Estate Tenants & Residents Association Doreen Jardine says: It’s great for us to be given the opportunity to have a real say in what our neighbourhood will look like in the future.  We have worked closely with our local councillors David Stockdale, Sue Pearson and Phil Risk and I am over the moon that we will see some real improvements on the estate next over the next 12 months.

For more information on the 165 Project please get in touch with Cllr David Stockdale.

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