New Ward Surgery for the Blakelaw Team

Fenham LibraryThe builders are on site at Fenham Library making changes to the layout of the building to incorporate a YHN Housing Office.  This is part of the plan secured by local Labour Councillors to save Fenham Library from closure.  Fenham Library is closed temporarily while the work is being carried out and will re-open in January along with the new housing office.

During the building work the Blakelaw Councillor’s regular 10.45am surgery on the 1st Saturday of every month will move to Fenham Hut on Greenway.  The councillor’s will relocate back to Fenham Library when when it reopens in January (first surgery back at Fenham Library will be 1st February 2014).

Ben Riley, Local resident and Labour candidate for Blakelaw ward in 2014, said: “The work that Labour Councillors in Blakelaw, Fenham and Wingrove have put in to saving our local library is fantastic and a few months of disruption during the building works are worth it to give the library a long term future”.

2 thoughts on “New Ward Surgery for the Blakelaw Team

  1. Are you still meeting at J&B church hall on third Thursday of the month? And if so when is next one so I can post for Friends of Church Garden communications? :)

    • Hi Alice, our St James’ and St Basil’s Church Hall surgery is 10am on 4th Sunday of every month. Our next surgery is 27th October. See you there.


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